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Free Music Downloads is something every music lover is always looking for. Many of my friends are music admirers and they keep asking me which is the best music downloader and where they can download free music. So, today I would be answering that question.

There is no doubt that music is an art and it has no boundary and no one can bottle it somewhere. Now-a-days, just after few weeks of releasing any music, it goes online and some music streaming apps and sites offer that to listen and even to download at free of cost.

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But the things go critical when some sites offer downloads links that actually don’t work and sometimes those links redirect to third party sites. These are annoying and make us frustrated. We have experienced these all and that’s why we thought to come up with something that can help all music lovers who browse the web to download songs of their choices.

Best Music Downloader Apps And Sites

Some free mp3 download sites and apps (As the world is becoming more smartphone centric day by day) are being listed here in this article. All these are chosen after extreme researches and comparisons. You better can say, these sites and apps are well filtered and you can blindly go for these.

Where to Download Free Music

Here is a list of the best places from where one can have free music download easily.


Let’s start with the veteran site. Mp3.com is probably the oldest on this list. If you have any second thought about the music library of this site, let me tell you the date it was established. It was in 1997. Just think how much big it can be as the age of this famous site is around 18 years!

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In its vast collection, you can choose anything of your choice starting from pop to junk, metal to hip-hop, anything! If you have been searching a song since a long time and you have not found it till date anywhere on the internet, we can bet this is the place where it really can be available.


Jamendo is a free music download site with real classic look which offers simplicity and great collection of tracks both. The streamline interface of this site lets everyone easily navigate through the site and search the tracks he or she has been looking for. Some options like “Most downloaded” and “most played” and “popular tracks of the weeks” are there to assist you if are there to get the latest tracks downloaded.


Some options like “Most downloaded” and “most played” and “popular tracks of the weeks” are there to assist you if are there to get the latest tracks downloaded. Currently it has become one of the biggest music libraries with 400,000 tracks from more than 40,000 artists. It comes in Android app form also in Google Play for free. Visit here.

Noise Trade

Noise Trade is a fabulous site where you may come across some budding artists who have uploaded their awesome works. With a simple click, you can download the tracks while a little screen flashes asking donation of $5 for the works.


The hidden treasure is that there is a built-in integrated social networking site where you can contact all the artists and can be aware of their forthcoming concert. Huge library of songs let you choose your wish while clean simple UI lets you choose what you want effortlessly.


At first we got shocked when we had seen Amazon in the top list of music downloader. But as we went through the Amazon’s free music library, only one word came out of our hearts and that is “Mindbloooowing”…We are not exaggerating anything. More than 60,000 tracks are listed on the Amazon’s free music library and for downloading those you don’t have to spend a single penny.


If you are facing difficulties in searching free music there then follow the string- Music & Games > Digital Music > Deals > Free. Sometimes in promotional offers Amazon provides free downloads of new music tracks. Search button is quick enough to provide exact match and error free searches. Visit

Sound Cloud

Sound cloud is a treasure trove for music lovers. Here you will find each and every track that beats in your hearts. Though sometimes some tracks are get chargeable, maximum are tagged for free of cost. Sound Cloud gives a never heard thing- a creative common license for some specific tracks.

This lets you do some tweaks and remix with the tracks as much as you want. It extracts the music maker from you. It’s a strong community of creative singers and music artists.

Sound Owl

From past few months the name of this site has been flashing everywhere. At first look though we were confused about the legal part of Sound Owl, solid DMCA compels us to include it in our list. Sound Owl has simple, fluidic and minimalistic design where some filters like “latest” and “popular” are placed atop for user’s efficiency. A small though powerful search button labeled as “Search by track or artist” is placed just beside of these two. Around 3,000,00 tracks are there for free downloads from big names to creative budding artists as well.


We got pleased after seeing a strong term where it is mentioned that users are allowed to share and upload the tracks for free download only if he or she is allowed to do so. To avoid copyright cases they have gone in partnership with copyseeker. Visit

Free Music Downloads For Android

Music Download Paradise

It’s counted among the class one feature rich Android apps for music download. Simple fast loading UI and minimalistic design not only eat tiny space in your smartphone but also make the app performs incredibly faster.


Powerful search button with all standard filters maintain the users’ efficiencies while unbelievably huge music library satisfies their needs.

Download Here


It’s a well known name in music world. From 1999 it has been capturing the attentions a portion of hardcore music lovers and fans. In 2004 it was closed due to financial crunches but it 2011 it came back with a bang! Simple gray interface makes it minimalistic by design. All the standard music filers like genre, artist, label etc are engraved here so that you can unleash its full potential. On the right top we can find “featured tracks” where a well maintained mix of old and new songs’ list is seen.

The list ends here though future counting will be going on here. All of these are fully features loaded kick ass music downloader. Choose anyone of this and we can assure that you don’t have to waste a lot of time in searching before you find the track that pleases your ears.


So, this was our list of the best music downloader apps and sites from which you can download free music. Drop in a comment below if you’ve a new app or site to add to the list.

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