How-To Fix A Disc Read Error Occurred

When you come across a disc read error occurred it mostly points towards a problem that is related to the hard disc drive. But it is also true that the actual issue of this error depends on computers and can vary from a hardware issue to a software issue.

But there are also quite a number of solutions available which you can try out to resolve this error. Though it might show, “press cntrl+alt+del to restart”  but no matter how many times you restart, you shall face the same problem. Thus, you need to check out the following steps.


Solution 1: Check your hard disc

A failing hard disc can be the main cause of this issue. Download the ISO file of “Easy recovery essentials”, burn it on a DVD and then insert into the computer to boot from media.

The click on automated repair and “continue”. Once the process is complete you shall be notified whether hard disk or the RAM is not functioning properly. If the HDD is not working, then replacing it with a new one and installing windows on it again shall resolve the issue (this happens in 95% of situations).


Solution 2: Check the IDE cable of hard drive:

The IDE cable is a wide wiring which connects computer’s hard disk to the motherboard. Though any loose or defective IDE cable is not found, it can also cause “a disc read error”. To eradicate this chance of a faulty IDE cable, just remove the cabinet and make sure the IDE cable is attached to the both ends of the hard disk.


Solution 3: Repair master boot record and boot sector

Another reason for “a disc read error” is a corrupted boot sector or a corrupt master boot record. To resolve this issue check the following steps:

First, install the windows installation disc and then restart your PC.

Once the boot is done and “windows option” menu is shown, press on R for entering the Recovery Console.

Put the “Administration password” and then open the command prompt.

Then type “chkdsk/r” within command prompt and then continue with the process.

Now that you are in the “Recovery Console command prompt” type “fixboot” and press enter, then again type “fixmbr” and press enter.


Solution 4: Reset your BIOS

In extremely rare cases you might need to opt for BIOS recovery settings. For accessing the BIOS, all you need to do is restart the computer and press the specific key depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard (mostly it is F10, F8, Del, or F2).

Search for the option which resets entire BIOS settings to factory default. Click on that option to reset the BIOS. To get the same effect, you can also remove the CMOS battery for 5 minutes.


Solution 5: Defrag your hard drive

This is worth giving a shot. For defragging the hard drive, connect it to another computer externally and then use the inbuilt defragmentation utility which comes along with Windows. Once the HDD has been defragged and then boot it again. Your problem shall be solved.


So, this is how you can get rid of the a disk read error occurred easily. If you face any troubles, drop in a comment below.

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